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zoodles carbonara

Zoodles carbonara

Anyone who knew me during my uni days (my first lot of uni days) knows that I madly love spaghetti. So much so that I think I ate it 4-5 times a week as an undergrad. Usually with a Bolognese sauce. Sometimes with a tuna and tomato sauce (dunno what I was thinking with that one).  [click to continue…]

5:2 chicken broth with veggies and egg

I had a pretty rude shock about six weeks when I pulled on my favourite pair of jeans and they didn’t do up easily. By this I mean they did up – barely – but then I couldn’t breathe. Or sit. Or eat. And I’m pretty sure the circulation to the lower half of my body would have stopped momentarily had I not quickly undone them.  [click to continue…]

In my kitchen

It’s been another hectic month – no travel, but the juggle of uni, work and life. I’d say that I’m really looking forward to a break over Easter but I suspect I’ll be head down bum up trying to write literature reviews for uni. It will all be worth it, as by 7 June I should be finished and, all going according to plan, I’ll have my Master of Public Health. YAY!! [click to continue…]

Huon Reserve Selection

I have previously blogged [here and here] that one of my favourite foods of all time is salmon, so when Huon Aquaculture Group asked if I would be interested in trying some of their Huon Reserve Selection and coming up with a recipe for their bloggers comp, it was pretty easy to say YES PLEASE! [click to continue…]

Roast cauliflower with lamb

I was reading recently that cauliflower is the new kale, and all I have to say is “YAY!!”. Needless to say, I love cauliflower and I really don’t love kale.

(BTW I have some kale in my fridge that a farmer gave me recently and I have no idea what to do with it, other than feed it to the chickens. Feel free to share ideas.) [click to continue…]

In my kitchen

I said in my last post that I’ve been busy lately, and that has continued!

My In my Kitchen goodies this month come from my last two trips – to New Zealand and to Stanthorpe. I’m quite grateful to be home now for about six weeks, before I zip down to Adelaide for Tasting Australia at the end of April. Particularly grateful as I’m currently juggling full time uni with my consulting business, blogging, and trying to spend some time with my family. Yes, I think I’m crazy too! [click to continue…]

Melbourne food

Melbourne food – Spice Temple

It’s been a busy two weeks for me, as I’ve been in Melbourne for 5 nights for a conference (and some great eating), and I’m currently in New Zealand for a few days visiting friends (more great eating!).

One of the things I was looking most forward to in Melbourne was catching up with friends and eating at a few new-to-me restaurants. [click to continue…]

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