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Lowering cholesterol

Warning Will Robinson: This post is long. And it’s personal. Thanks in advance to those to get to the end. 

My cholesterol story started nearly 45 years ago. When I was born to a mother, aunts and grandmother who all have a tendency to high cholesterol. And a grandfather who died far too young from a heart attack. Lucky me.

About thirty years later I too had high-ish cholesterol. It wasn’t too bad in my early 30s – my GP was happy to keep an eye on it, with the promise that I watch what I eat, do exercise and don’t gain too much weight. [click to continue…]

The Block

So earlier tonight The Accountant and I were meandering through the Valley (it was a quasi date-night), and I was inwardly cheering as I had managed to get him out of the house on a night The Block was on tele. Cheering because it’s easily his favourite show on TV.

And has been for years. I know, right?  He didn’t fess up to that on his RSVP profile. Of course, I think the only reality TV show way back then was Survivor. And we both love that.  [click to continue…]

Blueberry muffin

I didn’t really understand the joy of a good muffin until I lived in Canada for a year in 1988. They just weren’t really a thing in Australia at that time, despite mum very occasionally baking them for an after school snack. Before you think “oh you poor deprived child”, she mostly baked cakes, slices and biscuits. I don’t think she ever baked a cupcake. Yes, we were very lucky.  [click to continue…]


Labneh – a recipe

So I’m writing this today (Saturday) but who knows when it will be posted thanks to my temperamental internet access!

Last week I wrote about how to strain yogurt. [click to continue…]

crazy chickens

Our poor little darlings (aka the crazy chickens) are a little fed up with all the wet stuff falling out of the sky. [click to continue…]

Pennisi Cuisine

Balaclava Street in Brisbane’s Woollongabba deserves it’s own post.

It’s home to three of THE best places to buy eatie goodies in Brisbane – Banneton Bakery, All India Foods, and, possibly my favourite shop in Brisbane, Pennisi Cuisine.

Actually, each of these three shops deserve their own posts.  [click to continue…]

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all the pretty flowers

All the pretty flowers

I came really close to not writing this tonight. It’s been a long day  – lots of good stuff, a bit of crap stuff, and over 15,000 steps thanks to two walks of nearly an hour each – and I’m knackered! But then I looked at the photo I wanted to share, and decided it’s too pretty to relegate to the scrap heap.  [click to continue…]

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