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I visited Greece when I was 21. It was my second stop on a twelve month backpacking / working holiday trip around the world, and it was the country I was most excited to explore and experience. I’m really not sure why, other than it had always appealed to me.

I spent many days exploring Athens, including walking around and picnic-ing within the grounds of the Acropolis – certainly not permitted today! I was awed by the vibrant blues and the glaring whites on the island of Santorini and I adored the people, the culture and, of course, the food. I do recall not being a huge fan of Ouzo. Clearly I need another trip to Greece so I can try it again! [click to continue…]

spicy pork sausage pasta bake - www.cooks-notebook.com.au

Spicy pork sausage pasta bake

I love a good pasta bake. In fact, I just love pasta. So much so that I could eat it every day. I really should be Italian!

Sadly though, my body doesn’t always love it.

While I’m not coeliac – and THANK GOODNESS – I do have a bit of a wheat intolerance which is really irritating.  [click to continue…]

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse... - www.cooks-notebook.com.au

The Accountant asked me to pick up a few items at the supermarket today. Milk, yogurt and three x 1 kg boxes of Weetbix.


I should add that we have three unopened boxes of said Weetbix already in the pantry. Plus the box that is 90% uneaten and probably opened two days ago. [click to continue…]

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Getting back to myself - www.cooks-notebook.com

I’ve been feeling very blah of late.

Physically, emotionally, spiritually.

And I’m really not sure why. [click to continue…]

Struggling with insomnia- You're not alone... - www.cooks-notebook.com.au

How I manage insomnia

I’ve just had ten nights of amazing sleep. Fell asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow, woke up between eight and nine hours later feeling refreshed. Total bliss.

It’s not always like this. [click to continue…]

Frying Pan Adventures - www.cooks-notebook.com.au

I was absolutely NOT expecting to eat the best felafel of my life the night I partook in Arva Ahmed’s Frying Pan Adventures food tour in Dubai.


I can still taste it, and it’s been months since that wonderful, memorable night.  [click to continue…]

spaghetti bolognese - www.cooks-notebook.con.au

I spend as much time as I can at our family holiday house at Killcare, on the NSW Central Coast. My parents bought this little haven back in 1992 (or maybe it was 1991), so I’ve been coming here for a long time. [click to continue…]

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