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I’m incredibly excited to announce that I will be leading the first Gourmet Trails South Africa food tour in May 2016.

I’m partnering with the fabulous Encompass Africa, travel specialists who focus solely on Africa. I met Jono Wilson, the Managing Director, when he married my beautiful friend Danica, who was the first person I became friends with when I moved to Brisbane over 15 years ago. [click to continue…]


So I can’t write an A-Z of travel posts and not have B for Brisbane. The beautiful city where I live, love, work and play.

Earlier in the year The Accountant and I were moaning that we hadn’t had a holiday together in a while (yes, this was before I went overseas). For a whole lot of reasons we couldn’t get away for more than a night or two, so we decided to have a bit of a staycation in Brisbane, spending a night in a city hotel and exploring for a couple of days. [click to continue…]

Luke Mangan

Last week was a pretty sensational week in terms of eating wonderful Queensland food. And let me tell you, my jeans are now feeling very tight!!

Good Food Guide Awards

It kicked off with a bang at the Good Food Guide Awards last Monday. These Awards celebrate Queensland’s restaurants.  For the first time regional restaurants were awarded more hats than those in Brisbane. My favourite winner was Josue (Josh) Lopez from GOMA, winning Queensland Chef of the Year. Josue shares my love of local food and is a strong advocate for farmers, native Australian ingredients and eating local.  [click to continue…]

In my kitchen

I haven’t had a huge amount of cooking mojo going on this month – to be honest it’s been a bit of an effort getting back into a routine after barely cooking for the seven weeks of my amazing holiday.

However that hasn’t stopped me from acquiring new kitchen stuff!

In my July kitchen… [click to continue…]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Washington DC is one of my favourite parts of the US, mainly because I just love all the memorials along the Mall.

And one of my favourite memorials is the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, which was opened to the public on 22 August, 2011. This Memorial is one of the few not on the Mall, rather located on the Tidal Basin near the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (another of my favourites).  [click to continue…]

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Falcon Professional

Rarely does a week go by when someone doesn’t ask me what type of oven I have and would I recommend it. So I thought I would write a quickie post on why I love it.

I have had my Falcon Professional cooker for over three years now, and yes, I absolutely love it. Without being too gushy, it’s the best cooker I’ve ever cooked with and it’s my favourite kitchen appliances.

And yes, I love it more than my Thermomix. [click to continue…]

food waste

My absolute favourite Masterchef Australia episode was the one where the Mystery Box was full of scraps of food from one of George’s restaurants. The look on the the contestants faces was priceless.

If you missed it, just read Reality Ravings’ recap. BTW you should be reading her blog ALL THE TIME if you love reality TV. It’s fab.

What I loved most was that the contestants were being encouraged to think about food in its entirety.

Like many, I try really hard not to waste food. [click to continue…]

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