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In my kitchen

Um, how did it become NOVEMBER???? I’m sure it was August only last week.

And more to the point, why is summer here ALREADY? I’m completely sweltering in my office today, despite every door and window being open and the fan doing it’s lazy twirly thing. Any faster and the 27 piles of paper on my desk and on the floor with become 2,039 piles. Not a good look. I’m just NOT READY SUMMER. Either emotionally or physically. Sigh. [click to continue…]

Simon Bryant

Some of you know about my total addiction to cookbooks, so when Bookworld approached me to review a couple of their cookbooks and do a cookbook giveaway for them, I was not about to say no! More about the giveaway at the end of the post… [click to continue…]

beef cheeks

I can’t believe I’m going to confess this, but until earlier this year I had never cooked beef cheeks. And I have no idea why not, as they are so incredibly simple to make, and ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. And by crowd pleaser, I mean with the meatavorous men who reside in this house. [click to continue…]

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What's in season - asparagus

I gave the HUGEST squeal of excitement when I realised the bag the courier was holding this afternoon contained three bunches of Australian asparagus (sorry buddy! I’m sure you’re hearing will be fine by tomorrow…).

Seriously. Best. Gift. Ever.

Especially as I try to only eat Australian grown veggies when they are in season. [click to continue…]

In my kitchen

So much for saying my blogging mojo was returning! Even after a weekend at ProBlogger Event last week! Thank goodness for Celia’s In my kitchen monthly roundup – a post I love to write.

In my September kitchen… [click to continue…]

in my kitchen

Gee the last month has flown past. Not surprising as I was away for a good chunk of it, and have been busy playing catch up in the days since. This is the first weekend I’ve had at home in about four weeks and I have to say, it’s bliss. I spent the first few hours this morning lazing on the couch with a trashy novel and drinking tea. The only reason I stopped is because my iPad ran out of power so I had to put the book down. [click to continue…]

Julie's Place, Gosford

I’ve been a huge fan of Julie Goodwin’s ever since I watched the first season of Masterchef all those years ago. I loved how personable she was, how much she so obviously loved her husband and kids, and mostly how much her cooking style was like mine. Simple, home-cooked food with the best ingredients she could afford, and cooked with love.  [click to continue…]

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