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The Art of Asking Amanda Palmer

I have an action for 2016 (as opposed to a goal) to read 50 business-related non-fiction books. At the start of each month I’ll share my What I’m Reading list for the previous month.**

This list won’t include cookbooks (actually, it might sometimes…), of which I have acquired more than a few already in 2016. Or Lonely Planet guides – three so far have been added to my collection. But I’m heading to the US again in March, so I have a valid reason for those. Or so I tell The Accountant.

I’ll blog a list with a short review each month so you can see what I’m reading. If you have any suggestions, or are an author and think I might like your book, please get in touch. For info, I also love cookbooks, travel books, lots of fiction – especially crime, suspense, drama and a bit of romance. [click to continue…]

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17 easy & mostly healthy snacks

17 easy and healthy snacks

I’m not really a snacker, but there are at least a couple of times a week when I find the urge to eat at 11am or 4pm or, thankfully rarely, 10pm. Usually because I’m procrastinating I didn’t eat enough in whatever meal was most recent.

And while my all time favourite foods to snack on are chocolate and whatever-nuts-I-have shortbread, cheese and crackers, or a Dello Mano brownie, these are not really every snack snacks. At least, according to the fit of my I’ve-eaten-four-batches-of-shortbread-in-the-last-month clothes. Sigh. [click to continue…]

Fermented tomato salsa

Fermented foods are all the “thing” right now. Actually, they have been for a little while, which makes me smile, as I grew up with fermented foods being a regular part of my diet. Think sauerkraut, yogurt, pickled cucumbers. I didn’t really think much about it at the time, as it was just part of how mum fed us.

Fast forward thirty odd years and here we are again.  [click to continue…]

macadamia and mango meringue roulade

Mango season is possibly my favourite time of the year.

To me it symbolises summer, holidays, the beach, and a general time of freedom from responsibility and serious stuff. Because, let’s face it, it’s pretty bloody hard to be serious when you have mango dripping down your chin while you’re hovering over the kitchen sink slurping all its juices! [click to continue…]

In my kitchen

I have had a beautiful few weeks off from work and blogging, but it’s time to get back into the swing. Slowly at least!

This is my first In my Kitchen post to be hosted by Maureen from The Orgasmic Chef – if you haven’t read her blog, be sure to check it out. Chock full of mouth-watering recipes that make you want to cook!

In my kitchen… [click to continue…]

Great Falls Park Virginia, USA - www.cooks-notebook.com

Great Falls Park, Virginia USA

A very unexpected highlight of my trip to the USA earlier this year was a visit to Great Falls Park in Virginia.

I was staying with my friends Lora and Chris, who live just outside DC, and was feeling a bit “citied-out” after a week in New York. When Lora asked if I felt like a couple of hours in a National Park I immediately said yes. This was my third visit to DC and I had no idea that such a gorgeous place was so close and on the banks of the Potomac.

It is at Great Falls that the Potomac flows over many steep and jagged boulders through a narrow gorge, creating a spectacular scene for picnicking locals and camera wielding tourists.  [click to continue…]

spiced nuts - www.cooks-notebook.com

Spiced nuts

Ever since I was a little girl I have associated nuts with Christmas. Which is a bit odd given I love nuts all year round, and eat them nearly every day.

The Christmas association is because Santa used to always put whole nuts in our Christmas stocking, and it was always a lot of fun to crack the shells to get to the good bits! And to see who could do it while making the least amount of mess! [click to continue…]

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