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Why I write

There is a lovely blog-hop doing the rounds right now, with a heap of bloggers writing about why they write. I must say I feel a bit like a fraud, given I have been doing a massive amount of reading lately (mostly trashy popcorn novels, and no, I really don’t want to share titles…), and not a whole lot of writing.

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In my kitchen

I’ve lost my blogging mojo lately and I don’t know where it’s gone! I think it is slowly returning, and I assume that’s because I haven’t left it to the last possible moment to write this month’s In my Kitchen post. Which is one of my favourite posts to write every month. [click to continue…]

Qantas Catering

My visit to Qantas Catering

I was ridiculously excited to receive an invitation to do a back of house tour of Qantas Catering (Q Catering) a few weeks ago. I said yes in a nano-second. [click to continue…]

Costco Northlakes

My excitement upon learning a Costco was coming to Brisbane knew no bounds. And then, thanks to local politics and other issues, I waited. And waited. And waited. [click to continue…]

in my kitchen

It’s that time again – time for you to all have a little squizz at what’s in my kitchen this month.

In my June kitchen… [click to continue…]

dried tomatoes

BBQ dried tomatoes

I absolutely love semi-dried and oven-dried tomatoes.

And ever since trying smoked tomatoes a few years ago, I also love smoked tomatoes. With a few Roma tomatoes that needed something done to them, I thought hmmmm, let’s try and combine both. [click to continue…]

Suttons's farm

A visit to Stanthorpe in south east Queensland just isn’t the same without a visit to Sutton’s Farm. Located just north of Stanthorpe (almost opposite the Big Apple), David and Ros Sutton’s family run business has grown from a traditional apple orchard to a boutique business that makes juice, award winning cider, sauces, and my favourites, apple syrup, apple butter and apple cider vinegar (complete with the mother). [click to continue…]

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